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Padded Room/Cell Seclusion Room Padding

Our seclusion room padding is especially designed for institutions where violent and challenging behaviour can potentially cause harm to the detainee or those who are charged with their care, institutions such as prisons, psychiatric hospitals and detention centres. We design, manufacture and fit the padded room so it is all done with the minimum of time and trouble. Our high impact density padding can be tailored to fit virtually any room – door and windows are all taken into consideration. We design and construct the seclusion room to meets all of your requirements.

Thankfully, these days there is less need for padded cells, especially in psychiatric institutions. The protection of patients or inmates from themselves through self-harm is the main reason for these. They are also still needed for safety in police stations, prisons, detention centres and special needs institutions.

Our specially designed padding is as tough and durable as can be. It will withstand any amount of destructive behaviour and is made to last many years. Our expert fitters will ensure you have the highest quality seclusion room padding installed to perfection.

Seclusion Room Padding

If you find yourself in circumstances that require using the seclusion room, rest assured that the padding will absorb the most violent behaviour and ensure the health and safety of the detainee. Let us provide you with a safe and secure padded room that will last decades.

Our reputation as Ireland’s leading safety padding company is something we take seriously and we strive to live up to it no matter what the job. We have years of experience designing, manufacturing and fitting padded cells and seclusion rooms so you can be confident that there won’t be any issues or problems arising after the work is done.

Please contact us for references or examples of seclusion room padding / cell padding jobs we have done.


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