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Gym Wall Padding / Basketball Wall Padding

Indoor sports are played in a confined area – with brick / concrete walls that can cause physical damage. Basketball is very fast, indoor game and, as it is played in a relatively confined area, basketball wall padding is an important health and safety consideration. Gym Wall Padding, for any indoor sport and a facility any size and shape, can be catered for by us.

Basketball requires that athletes be highly mobile and running into walls that surround the basketball court is a constant risk. Padding out a basketball court or gym will prevent many bruises and injuries.

It also helps with the flow of the game as players don’t have to worry about running into walls and injuring themselves – they know that the padding is there to stop them and absorb the impact.

Indoor Gym & Basketball Wall Padding

Basketball, like many other sports that are played indoors, has its fair share of injuries. Padding out the court walls will help to minimize injuries. At we design and manufacture basketball and gym wall padding that is tough, durable and impact absorbent.

Our gym wall padding can also be customized with a team logo or brand.


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