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Sports Padding

We offer a complete line of protective padding to meet your facility requirements.

Wall padding has become an integral feature in gyms, childrens play areas and official holding areas. Injury prevention is at the top of the Health and Safety agenda and should be the highest priority for any such facility. Our wall padding is available in either permanent or removeable models. Custom pads for posts, columns and, in fact, any other structures are also available.
Custom padding with wall or floor padding in the shape of a logo or brand is also provided.


About SafetyPads

For over 20 years Shanley Upholstery has been at the forefront of producing safety padding for Irish schools, gyms, healthcare, and commercial premises.

From providing custom wall padding for school playing fields, purpose built sports padding for International Rugby teams, to providing wall padding to the most exclusive gyms; Shanley Upholstery are your one-stop solution for all your safety pads.

Health and Safety Padding

With our customised safety pads the risk of injury due to impact is drastically reduced.

Exposed posts, corners and edges are a potential hazard and thus a safety concern when it comes to health and safety. Public buildings, factories, schools and construction sites alike will all benefit from our protective padding.

Our custom pads and custom mats are purpose made to suit any and all circumstances. From school playgrounds, to airports, we have been commissioned to manufacture and install safety pads.

Custom and Branded Pads

Customised solutions where it comes to safety or branding is often required.

From hazardous corners, access required within wall padding, to custom pads that are specially designed, or special needs pads for the health care products industry. Branding or marking is also often required when producing sports or corporate padding. Logos put on the safety pads, a sponsor’s logo and catchphrase, the team’s logo, or markings like a number showing some measurement are often required. Custom padding with wall or floor padding in the shape of a logo or brand is also provided.


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