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Outdoor Padding / Playground Padding

These days it is imperative that children be protected from possible injury in outdoor playgrounds. One of the ways to do this is to provide outdoor and playground padding around poles, fencing and on the ground, in ‘scuff out’ zones.

We at are experts in padding up playgrounds – no more cuts, abrasions or chipped teeth! Our outdoor playground padding is designed to provide a permanent and safe free fall zone in scuff out prone areas such as under swings and slides or entry and exit points for other playground structures. Our outdoor padding is durable and long lasting, requires little maintenance and is fully impact absorbent.

We also make safety padding for poles and posts. Lightweight, durable and weather resistant, our pole padding can be customized to fit any pole or post in any area. It is easy to install and is guaranteed to protect from bumps and bruises for many years. Children play with an energy that is impressive to us adults but is also a source of worry, especially in a playground situation as there is so much to bump into and fall off. We are here to assuage that worry and give you peace of mind. The risk of injury is dramatically reduced with the introduction of safety padding on the ground and around posts and poles. We will design, manufacture and install the padding so that the playground or outdoor sports complex will be virtually injury proof.

It is important that children play, especially outdoors. We are here to ensure that they play in a safe environment. Be free from worry as you watch them explore the playground. Have a chat with a fellow parent now that you know you don’t have to watch them like a hawk! This padding up of the playground will in no way lessen the pleasure experienced by children. In fact, it adds to the colour of the place and makes it more generally bouncy and fun.


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